BEGIN even if it's baby steps, write it down on paper. START

You can wait until it gets overwhelming and you have no other choice or you can start gradually. Whatever choice you make is fine. Know that eventually, at some point you will need to decide to put yourself first.

Putting your feelings, dreams and desires first isn't selfish, it's courageous. It's take effort, discipline and so much love to say no to others so that you can feed yourself what you need. 
By doing so, you begin to see that you have so much more to offer others. Having filled your own cup, you have ample energy, patience and love to help another.

Working from a empty vessel does no one any good, especially you.

How do you start? Trust your intuition, trust yourself. Each and everyone of us has access to infinite wisdom. It is all inside of us. Take time out to listen to the voice within. 2 minutes a day is all it takes to make that internal connection. Close your eyes, become silent, breathe and listen. .

To learn more about connecting to your intuition, pop along to our workshops. We offer a wide range of workshops that guide and help you to connect, develop and trust your intuition. 

Much Love M xx