Caring For Your Crystals

Caring For Your Crystals


Crystals do not differentiate between positive and negative energy, however, they will absorb the negativity from you and the environment it is placed in. It is there very important that they are cleared regularly which increases their vitality.

  1. What happens if someone else touches my crystals?

When held by another person other than you, crystals may take on that person’s energy. Whether it is done unconsciously or consciously, if you are working with that crystal it is best to clear it before you work with it again.

  1. Do crystals hold negative energy?

Crystals do not hold negative vibrations, however they will soak up negativity from you and your environment in a way to protect and cleanse your space. If you have been going through a stressful time and you have crystal around your home it is recommended that they are cleansed regularly.

  1. What are the best ways to cleanse my crystals?

We recommend that use a method that resonates with you, from our own experience we have noticed that when crystals are earthed there is a significant change in the colour, energy and codes of crystals when earthed. The earth naturally draws in negativity and transmutes it into positivity; Mother Earth is great transmuter and clearer. Can I tell if a crystal has been cleared?

  1. How can I tell if a crystal has been cleared?

With practice you will begin to be able to determine if a crystal has been cleared or not. A cleared crystal feels light and is full of light energy and uncleared crystal and is usually heavy and feel dull and worn out.


The Sun and Moon energise crystals as they fill the crystal with yang (masculine) or yin (feminine) energy. Crystals can only be fully energised if they have been cleared before hand.

“You cannot fill a overflowing cup”

We recommended that crystals only stay out in Sun for 10-20 minutes as sunlight can fade crystals, crystals can stay out in the Full Moon light all night.

Below is a table showing various methods we recommend you try them all and use the method that resonates with you the most.






Sound Bowls. Vibration helps move negative energy out of the crystal

Forces negative energy to break free from crystal.

Sound vibration and the vibration of the crystal may clash


Using White Sage or various resins smoke to clear the field around the crystal

Easy to do, clears auric field of the crystal and the environment crystal is sitting in.

Does not clear internal space of crystal.


Placing the crystal in a muslin bag and then putting into the sea (whilst holding onto the muslin bag string). Salt water is naturally a cleanser.

Beautiful natural method as salt is cleansing and clearing.

Salt can have an eroding effect on fragile crystals. You might not live near a beach. If you have a lot of crystals it might be difficult to take them all down to the beach.


Placing and covering the crystal in a bowl of salt

Salt is an effective clearer and cleanser

Salt can have an eroding effect on certain crystals. Can cause damage to metals


Washing the crystal under water (mineral/natural/tap source). Water is one of the four natural elements = cleansing

Natural flow of water helps move out negative energy. Great clear and cleanser

Can dissolve and erode some crystals.


Placing crystal on super large piece of Amethyst

Easy to do, Amethyst is protective and cleansing

Even though it is stated that some crystals do not need cleansing, that doesn’t mean they will not hold onto other energies and transfer that energy into your smaller crystal.


Digging a hole in the ground, placing crystals in the hole and covering it with the Earth for about 2 or more days. Earth is one of the four natural elements = cleansing

Crystals are originally from the Earth, when returned to the Earth they naturally use Earth energy to remove all negativity in and around itself. Earths negative ions clear the crystal inside and out – leaving it empty to be refuelled again. Washing the crystal in water afterwards brings in two elements together.

Not every one has a garden. It can be messy. You can forget where you put them. Some crystal may be aesthetically affected by being placed in the Earth.


Enjoy clearing your crystals


Much Love Mxx