🔮 Crystal of the Month - Rhodochrosite 🔮

The frequency of Rhodochrosite is surrounded by heavenly energies imbued with the golden sphere of Light that emits not only the pink/red colour rays of influence, but a harmonious blend of pink and light orange.  (Melody, 561) (Raphaell, 117-119)

Rhodochrosite is a beautiful crystal of the heart and solar plexus, it directs love toward oneself to help heal emotional wounds, traumas and self worth. It offers support and strength to examine and release old wounds, childhood trauma and past lives. It guides you to release pain, destructive patterns of behaviours (such as self sabotage) that may have been adopted to cope with the trauma.

Once we learn to love our inner child, we in effect learn to love ourselves. The inner child is an integral part of our being, listening to every word we speak to ourselves and watching our every move towards self. Every time you criticise yourself with unpleasant words your inner child shrinks back with pain and hurt. An enormous part of growth into the spiritual realms comes from witnessing self with eyes of compassion and love. When your heart is open to yourself it is open to the world and beyond; connect you to the divine frequency of love indescribable by words.

We date at the level of our own self worth; rhodochrosite helps you to connect your heart and solar plexus to a new level of love and worth.

When you live with compassion and love for self you attract the love of the same value towards you. What type of love are you attracting? Do you need to release old views and values of your worth, child trauma, wounds of the heart? What words do you use towards yourself? Are they kind or belittling? What mask do you wear when out in the world?

Mediating with rhodochrosite expands your consciousness and allows for deep relaxation, acceptance and balance. Wear or place it over the heart to help release old wounds and trauma. Place over the third eye or on the crown to allow more spiritual energy to flow into the physical body and awaken your mental body to higher vibrational thoughts.

Most of all, learn to see the beauty within yourself that you see in others. For the beauty you see in others is already within you!

Much Love M xx