FULL MOON - 28 June 2018

FULL MOON - 28 June 2018

Full Moon - 28 June 2018

What are you keeping hidden with you?

When we hold onto secrets within us out of shame, guilt, grief, anger and so on. They cause us to internally create chains and bonds that over time grow and festering creating doubts, fears and anguish that is not really needed.

On this full moon – find solace and actively, openly, shout out, whisper, scream your secret to the moon – let her lift this burden from you and allow her to gift you with peace, calm, clarity and divine white light for taking the courage to say the words out aloud.

Secrets can only tie us down if we choose to let them. Go against all your programming of keeping it within and shout it out. There is no shame and judgement in this space that you now create. For every experience has within in gold dust that nourishes our growth and soul.

May you release all that no longer serves you and free yourself from the chains of secrets.

With Love M xxx💞💫❤️