Full Moon 6th Oct

Full Moon 6th Oct

FULL MOON - 6 OCT 2017

A Full Moon is a high tide of power, amplifying and creative. It is a great time to release that, which no longer serves you, what you no longer need in your life or an aspect of yourself that you have outgrown.

If you feel overwhelmed and there is too much going on in your mind or life, use the beautiful Fluorite to help you clear your energy field, focus and gain clarity to make decisions. To feel Fluorites full effects, wear, meditate, hold or keep it near you.

The Full Moon is about letting go, right? What better way to let go of all the pent up frustration, anger and fear, then sound vibration. It is a really simple, cheap effective technique and you get immediate results.

Before you begin, if there are other people at home, let them know there will be some noise and not to worry or disturb you.

SOUND VIBRATION RITUAL: find a empty room, close the windows, turn up the music (anything that is motivating – Sia – Never Give up, Deya Dova – Myth of the Cave) grab a pillow, think about what is frustrating you or making your feel fearful. 

Take a full deep breath and scream into the pillow to your hearts content. Repeat until you feel your body soften. You may feel embarrassed or silly; this is old conditioning, of not being able to express our true selves. Keep going until it feels right for you to stop.

This exercise is for you and you alone, give yourself permission to express yourself and be free.

Once you’re done, have a glass of water and then smudge yourself and your space - use anything you are drawn too; white sage, mugwort or myrrh.

After smudging, take a moment and without judgement, write down your feelings and thoughts, what emotions are arising for you? What patterns do you recognise? Where have you been holding yourself back? What part of your life do you feel frustrated? Remember we always have a CHOICE; how we react and what direction we choose to flow is always in our own hands.

There are many different types of releasing rituals; over the next few Full Moons we will be posting various releasing rituals. A pre-warning; they are a little out there, but have a go and let us know what you think.


Much Love M xx - Tranquility Crystals