Embodying new awareness into the 3rd dimension can be done through ACTION – implementing your choices through the actions you take.

For example – I release the need to seek approval from others. The action for this would be to create my business, my life and my decisions based in alignment with what feel right in MY divine heart, without worrying if it fits into society - both corporate and spiritual.

The seeking of approval comes from the lack of seeing the value in your own divinity and light.

Others will have opinions that are different to yours and that difference is okay. You do not need to ‘take on’ another person’s opinion or belief. Simply allow them to live their truth and you live your own. Refocus you energy with YOUR intention in YOUR heart.

Take ACTION by creating, living and doing what feels right to you in your own way, everyday.

This is a little something I say to myself every now and again. “I am not here to please others. I am here to stand in my own divinity and shine my light in my entirety, by being just me, by doing this, I set myself free.”

May you set yourself free, stop questioning whether others will like what you create or do. And just do and create from your heart, what you love, because your heart is divine and pure and full of love and light.

With Love Always M xx