It takes COURAGE to feel your truth, live your truth and stand in your truth. Find the courage to shine this year, fully step into your divine light and divine essence and be yourself. However and whatever that is for you- know that it is perfect. You don't need to be like anyone else and you don't need anyone's permission to shine. 

Don't be deterred by the way others do it (whatever IT is). We all have different interpretations and feelings on the same thing. Let your voice be heard, let your light shine and let the abundance in.

Our Activated COURAGE Mist is connected to Goddess Sekhmet, filled with carnelian and tigers eye. This fearless Egyptian goddess doesn't care what others think of her. She walks her own walk, lives her own way and fearlessly, furiously, unconditionally loves and honours herself. For me she represents strength and courage to face all fears. I imagine her saying 'who cares' and 'so what'. 'I am not afraid of living my truth'.

She is a wonderful goddess to invoke when you want to kick arse. If you are feeling fearful or are about to embark on something and you need that extra strength. Call upon her and watch her weave her magic, strength and courage into you. 

When I used to have nightmares I'd call upon her and then go back into the nightmare to end it. I release all my fears to her and she swallows them up without question. She is infinte and powerful yet gentle and kind. Enjoy working with her.

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Much Love M xx