Monday 4th December 2017

Super Full Moon

A spectacular full moon awaits us this Monday 4th December, the full moon shines light into our darkness showing us the depths of our being and what we may have been hiding from. Fear is a powerful word but more powerful than fear is choice. The choice to release it, the choice to remember and connect to the divine being that you are. The divine spark that resides within you, that when connected to from a place of choice and mindfulness can create a wave of energy and essence, filling you with awe, love, compassion and gratitude of what and who you are.

I hear the words – “I don’t have a choice or it just is that way” often… I am not so sure. Having experienced situations that were harmful and determent to my growth, it was not until I reached 24 years of age that I realised that I had a CHOICE and that no one could take that away from me. Life is full of twists, turns, heartache, highs and lows but how we react and how we deal with it, is always our own choice.

I understand that for some, this year has been a difficult one and for others a wonderful one. Either way you have grown. Take a few minutes under this beautiful Super Full Moon and commend yourself, look at how far you have come, what you have accomplished! For you have done so much, discovered and released so much. Relish in your achievements and be proud of yourself. For in this life you made the choice to change, grow and release. Even if you think you have not – look at yourself through the eyes of love (as you would do for a friend) and really allow yourself to see your accomplishments and what you have become.

Even in the darkest of shadows there is always a glimmer of light.


Super Full Moon Ritual 10-30minutes


- White sage or any cleansing herbs, sprays or essential oils

- 3 pieces of paper

- A range of colourful pen, crayons or felt tips.

- heatproof dish with salt at the bottom of it

- tealight/candle + matches or lighter

- glass of wine, chocolate or anything that you wish to drink or eat after your ritual.

Before beginning take five minutes to cleanse yourself and your space and create sacred space to work within. Once you feel you space is sacred light your candle and call in your energetic team to help hold your sacred space of unconditional love and protection.

Have fun with this, be creative, draw images, write in BOLD CAPITAL LETTERS, whatever way feels right to you, do not limit yourself, for you are unlimited… this is your time, your space and use it for you!



Page 1

Using colourful pens on a piece of paper write down your accomplishments, achievements and growth. Whether it for this year, this month or your lifetime so far…

When you have done take a minimum of five minutes to slowly read each sentence on the paper, take a deep breath in and out after each sentence and really breath into yourself your achievements and growth. Be proud of what you have done, it would have been hard at times and at other times it would have been easy, that you just flowed, and here you are. Well Done!

Page 2

Take another piece of paper and write down what else you would like to achieve – be bold – aim high, use your wonderful imagination and create into reality through writing, drawings, symbols whatever comes to you for your new growth and achievements.

When you have done take a minimum of five minutes to slowly read each sentence on the paper, take a deep breath in and out before and after each sentence, breathing life into these new dreams and adventures you are creating. Say them out aloud, telling whoever will listen and the Universe this is what you desire.

Page 3

On this piece of paper write down what you wish to release. What do you feel is holding you back, what part of you are hiding from and why? What dark secrets keep crawling into your mind at the most inconvenient times? Write it all down, don’t hold back, speak from your heart, feel your sadness, sorrow and write it down. This is your opportunity to really sink deep and release.

When you have done take a minimum of five minutes to slowly read each sentence on the paper, take a deep breath in and out after each sentence, releasing the hold of whatever is written.


OUTSIDE IF POSSIBLE (or in your safe place where nothing will get burnt)

In a safe place inside or if outside under the Super Full Moon – take your cleansing herb, essential oil or spray with your heatproof dish with salt in it, your lit candle, your drink or treat and all your pages.

Start with page 3 – re-read it and at the beginning of each sentence state I release... when you have finished reading your page – set it alight in the heatproof dish. As it burns use your cleansing tools to cleanse yourself, releasing all that no longer serves you.

Use your cleansing tools and cleanse pages 1 + 2

Take page 1 and read it out aloud with pride telling the Moon and Universe what you have accomplished!  And if you dare, pin it up on your bedroom wall or bathroom mirror to remind you how far you have come!

Take page 2 and read it out aloud telling the Moon and Universe what your news dreams are and what new growth and adventures you wish to create. Pin it up on your bedroom wall or bathroom mirror to remind you of what is to come!

Have a glass of wine, some chocolate or anything that you fancy and enjoy a few moments in the beautiful moonlight of the Full Moon.


May you always stay true to yourself


Much Love

M xx


Please note that even if the sky is cloudy, wet and full of rain, the Moon energy is still around us, even though she cannot be seen. If it is raining - I feel that is a extra cleanse from Mother Earth, helping us to clear the old, to create new.