NEW MOON 14 June 2018

NEW MOON 14 June 2018

NEW MOON today.

If you are wondering why you are feeling like poo, angry or just overwhelmed. One aspect of New Moon energy is about going inward to see, feel and listen to the parts of us that we hide or throw away for fear of what others may think if they saw that aspect of us.

I was not always calm, centred, trusting and loving of myself as I am now. It has taken determination, patience and a lot of going inward, being raw, honest and truthful about everything I felt, saw and thought. It was the hardest thing to do as I had created such a vast illusion of being ok and happy when in fact I was miserable. The relief of saying the truth to myself was like a burden lifting off my shoulders. I realised that others did not need to know, I just needed to know my own truth and by doing that I set myself free.

I began to rewire the self-judgment from hating and criticising myself to unconditionally loving and accepting myself for who I am. Now I understand that no emotion or feeling is bad - each has its own wisdom and light to show us something special.

Below is a short version of what I do when I go inward to see, feel and connect with the parts of me that need help. I try and see each part as a young version of me this helps me to be kinder to myself. I believe regardless of how old we are - we are all children, stumbling, tripping up and trying to move forward in our own way.

Find a place where you will not be disturbed. A lot of what requires you to use your imagination and see yourself like a cartoon – it makes things easier.

1. Take a deep breath in and as you exhale allow your body to soften.

2. Focus on your heart and let the light deep within your heart shine - the light of unconditional love (and if you can't find it - keep trying, day after day until you do - don't give up on yourself for only you can save you)

3. Take your light to a part within your body that you feel needs attention; to the part of you that you dislike/hate or have forgotten.

4. Allow that part of you to take form/colour etc.. and then let it, if it chooses to, to share with you your real truth, listen with unconditional love and give it what it needs to feel complete and whole. Trust what comes up for you is right just for you.

If it doesn’t the fact you are acknowledging that part of you is a start - keep meeting with it until it feels comfortable with you. Try and stay in your heart through the process.

5. The more you connect with the darkness within you the more light you are able to shine on it, the more you are able to see that it is not bad or good - it just is. The more you can love yourself regardless, the more likely that part of you will evolve and transcend.

Remember we have all the gods, all the heavens and all hells are within us. There is nothing we cannot do and no darkness within us that we cannot shine light upon. The choice my friend is always yours. What do you choose - fear yourself or love yourself.

Let your love for self show you have truly magnificent you are!

May you be remember that "you are born of the stars, filled with eternal light and gifted beyond your imagination"

With Much Love M xx ❤️💞💫

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