This month as always is a powerful one filled with opportunities to transform, grow and manifest. This day in particular is super powerful. Manifest your dreams and also take a moment to honour those who fought for our freedom. For in essence we are them and they are us, as we are all one. 

Today take a moment and tell the universe what you sincerely wish to create. Say it out loud and then let it go. Continue taking the small steps or big leaps towards your goals and watch the universe help you along the way. 

For those of you seeking accession/awakening/activation below is something I've merged together from the book Navigating Dimensions by Lisa Transcendence Brown and from the fb page Keepers of the diamond light codes. 

Remember what you ask for you will receive! 

"I release all stories, thoughts, attachments and perceptions of who I have been, am at this moment or was to be as a future me. I clear all previous programming and open up to receive that which now activates within me. 

I completely release and empty out all that no longer serves me. I open myself to that which my human mind can comprehend. 

I activate my new template within, I humbly honour the opportunity to further merge with my higher self, gaia, all cosmos, galaxies, stars, universes, planets and all beings as one, to embody within me again, to become that which I have forgotten to be. 

I open myself to the divine cosmic keys of light and allow them to pass through every cell within my being, filling and renewing me with light, releasing my highest potential.

For it has always been available inside, I now choose transparency, where nothing can hide. 

This space is of the highest honour and integrity there is, so I now activate it, when I speak "and so it is" .

Much Love M 💖🌻