When was the last time you told your body how amazing it is? When was the last time you looked at yourself and smiled?

We are all on a mission to evolve, expand, grow, become aware, develop, find our soul purpose, connect inward, connect to our intuition and more.

I find it surprising that many of us do not realise to get where we want to be, we must go through the body.

YOUR BODY is full of magic, gateways, portals and so much more. It is the first gateway to your TRUE SELF and the essence of all that is.

YOUR BODY has the ability to hide your fears and painful feelings within it as it tries to alleviate your sadness. How amazing is that!

YOUR BODY is the physical aspect of your energy – your essence.

YOUR BODY can guide you to what you need to release in order to anchor higher frequencies so that you can manifest into the present.

It truly is an amazing, wondrous and phenomenal part of who we are.

All you need to do is create a relationship with it, trust it without judgement when it shows you the aches and pains of where you have been hording unresolved emotions that it now feels you are ready to release.

Every time you complain, say nasty words about your body like you intuition it’s energy and intelligent take a step back.

It took me 30 years before I began to appreciate and love my body. I hated it and how it reminded me of things I wished to forget. It wasn’t until later did I realise I was just pushing away a part of who I am and the intelligent energy behind it.

So to begin a relationship with my body I started with the following:

  1. I created beautiful oils, soaps and lotions to use on my body. Every time I used them I told my body how beautiful it was, that I loved every part of it and that I was so sorry it took me so long to get to this moment. 
  1. affirmations – My body is the best body in the whole universe! It is phenomenal, beautiful, wonderful and amazing. The more outrageous the affirmation the more I connected to my body.
  1. I took time out to listen the aches and pains within my body, I sat with them, breathed into them, acknowledged them, accepted them and thanked my body for showing me.

As you build a relationship of trust and non-judgement with your body it will show you layers of what you need to release. By releasing you allow more of your TRUE essence to enter and anchor into your body, giving you more freedom, the ability to be in your TRUTH and access to your gifts.


YOUR FEELINGS lead you to your limited BELIEFS.

When you allow YOUR BODY to guide you, it will show what FEELINGS need ACCEPTANCE and ACKNOWLEDGEMENT and when you do this, YOUR BODY softens and your energy expands. YOUR FEELINGS, then show YOUR what LIMITED BELIEFS they are connected too and what is holding you back.

Each aspect is a gateway to your TRUTH.

Do not be afraid of the magnificence of YOUR BODY, the power it holds, the magic that resides within it and its true beauty.

May you trust and love your body full heartily and may your body lead you to all the awesomeness that resides within it.

With Love from my body to yours.

M xx