Your body is a super computer that provides feedback to you via your emotions/feelings. Your emotions tell you about the state of your physical, mental and spiritual bodies. Emotions are clues to what you are subconsciously and consciously thinking.

Every part of us is connected, the pain in body, holds the emotion. The emotion holds the belief. Each one feeds the other. Connecting to your body on a daily basis will show you where you are harbouring dense emotions and the beliefs behind them.

It is important to remember that there is no such thing as a bad emotion; it is our social conditioning that labels emotions to be bad. For example - you shouldn’t be feeling angry and you are a bad person for feeling it. Etc.

1. Breath deeply into your body, ground your energy.
2. Place your hands on the painful area (if you can reach).
3. Ask your body what emotion/s are residing here.
4. Listen to the first answer that comes to you.
5. Thank your body and breathe into the area sending it love from your heart.

There many modalities that can help you to understand the emotions residing within the pain of the body, such as kinesiology, body tapping, reiki, energy medicine and so on.

The main tool that will help you access your emotional body is non judgement and non-criticism towards yourself for feeling a particular way. For me, anger was the emotion I hid from, it resided deep within my body and it was fierce, loud and full of rage. It took me a long time to forgive myself for feeling angry and as I took away the judgement towards anger, it subsided and began to work with me rather than against me. It was then I realised that every part of who I am that I am fearful from (my emotions, beliefs, pain and body) just needs to be heard, seen, acknowledge and loved.

I will be releasing an online course with detailed instructions on how to connect and open your gateways. Coming soon in 2020!

“May you release all judgment of yourself and see yourself with kind and loving eyes, full of compassion and LOVE”

Much Love M xx 

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