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Soul Mapping

UNDERSTAND | LET GO | AWAKEN Soul Mapping it is a detailed Akashic record reading which uncovers your Soul Blueprint (energetic DNA). It is a clearing of a layer of the blocks and restrictions that you carry, which...Read more


Soul Mapping it is a detailed Akashic record reading which uncovers your Soul Blueprint (energetic DNA). It is a clearing of a layer of the blocks and restrictions that you carry, which then gives you the opportunity to start living your truth without the fear. 

Like onions we have many layers, these layers include beliefs and emotions that we have taken on from our family, our environment and our society and through trauma. The clearing that takes place within Soul Mapping allows you to release whatever layer YOU are ready to clear, giving you access to more of your real truth and divinity.

Over a three-week period prior to your Soul Mapping appointment Manjit will create a comprehensive report that will look into your Soul Origin, Soul Profile and Blocks and Restrictions.

Soul Mapping is a massive undertaking of change and transformation; it will allow you to fully let go of your current layer of emotional and mental blocks, giving you access to more for your own divine frequency in the present moment.

Over your 66 day clearing period Manjit will be in touch once a month to see how you are doing, check your progress and help you with any challenges that may arise for you. 

Why 66 days of the ritual clearing?

  • It takes 22 days for new neural pathways/connections to be created.

  • It takes a further 22 days for the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies to understand and get used to these new pathways.

  • In then takes another 22 days for the new pathways to become the new 'normal' and become embedded as the new way of being.

  • Totalling a 66 day ritual.


The purpose of Soul Mapping is to provide you with a understanding of who you are at Soul level so that you can align to your own Truth and make choices that will create abundance as you align to your energy rather than hinderance, when you makes choices against your natural energy flow.

The following topics will be explained in depth during your first session:

  • SOUL ORIGIN – who you are at Soul Level, your Soul Group, Soul Specialisation and Divine Gifts.

  • SOUL PROFILE– soul vibration (current), higher self connection, spheres of light (protection) and manifestation ability.

  • BLOCKS & RESTRICTIONS – what attachments, earthbound souls, negative thought forms, implants, vows, contracts, imprints, beliefs, hooks, cords and unjustified karma are present in your energy.

  • CLEARING - Manjit will complete a deep clearing of your current blocks and restrictions in the energetic realms of the 5th dimensions and above. In addition to your Soul Mapping report you will be given a personalised script to speak over a 66-day period, this will allow for changes to take place within your third dimensional reality and aid the integration of new Light frequencies.


    • A 25-30 page comprehensive report detailing the above topics with guidance and actions to assist you to align to your own truth.

    • Multi Dimensional Energy Clearing of your Akashic Record.

    • 66 Day Personalised Clearing Ritual.

    • Free audio meditation to help with the clearing process. 

    • Scheduling your three 30minute monthly 'check-in' during your 66 day ritual.

    • Support group access.

    • 1 hour review session after your 66 day ritual.

    DURATION: 4.5 hours in total = 2 Hours Soul Mapping Session. 3 x 30 minutes follow up calls and 1 hour review after your 66 day ritual.

    BOOKING: It takes two-three weeks to prepare your Soul Mapping, please select a date and time from the above drop down box. When booking please ensure you have a three week gap before your appointment. Your subsequent appointments will be made at your first session. 

    PAYMENT: Part payment options are available for this service, please contact Manjit directly to discuss your needs. 

    48 hours notice: 100% refund
    Less than 48 hours, on or after the date: Sorry, no refund
    All refunds are made back onto the card used at purchase.

    For further information, please do not hesitate to contact Manjit at Tranquility Crystals via our contact form.
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