Crystal Gridding + Sacred Geometry

Would you like to delve deeper into the magic of crystals? Create alchemy through crystal gridding? Want to learn more about sacred geometry? Join Manjit in this 4-hour workshop where you will deepen your understanding of crystals and learn how to create crystal grids using sacred geometric shapes.
In this workshop you will learn:

1. Learn sacred geometric shapes used for crystal gridding - Metatrons Cube, Flower of Life, Infinity, Platonic Shapes.

2. How to create crystal grids intuitively

3. How to connect crystals to activate your grid

4. Learn how to create abundance, love and protection grids

5. Learn how to use crystals for energy healing and grounding.

6. Soul Meditation + Crystal Deva Meditation

The workshop includes:

• 4 hours of shared information from an experienced facilitator

• Practical knowledge about how to use crystals in gridding

• Participation in a Meditation

• A FREE information booklet

• Complimentary raw treats and herbal teas

• Quality time meeting new friends and likeminded souls

• Journal
• Water Bottle
• Open heart and a curious mind
Comfortable clothes
DATE: 16 Dec 2017
TIME: 1pm-5pm
For further information, please do not hesitate to contact Manjit at Tranquility Crystals using our contact form.