Duration: 1hr 30mins of 'you time' to relax, enjoy and let go...

Exchange: $80

Reiki is a beautiful way to connect to earth energy, release tension, negativity and shift old patterns.

Manjit gently combines Reiki, Aura Soma colour balancing techniques and crystals to create a powerful and unique healing experience. Working intuitively every session is individual and tailored to your needs.

A typical Reiki healing session consists of the following:

  • A consultation to gain an understanding of why you have come for a session – (past and present concerns, future aspirations)
  • A Reiki energy balancing session
  • Feedback  following the session
  • Discussion to support and assist you with understanding and managing energy shifts.

Reiki sessions are conducted whilst laying comfortably on a massage table.

During the session

You may sense and experience the flow of energies with feelings of warmth, coolness, tingling and relaxation.  It is normal for people to fall asleep or simply drift off whilst experiencing Reiki.  This allows for healing and balancing at a deeper level of consciousness. It is advisable to wear loose, comfortable clothing so you can relax fully. 

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Duration: 1hr 30mins - to focus on yourself, relax and expand your consciousness

Exchange: $80

Pellowah healing energy expands consciousness and connects all 12 strands of DNA so you may access new information. Pellowah unblocks and realigns all meridians within the body, giving you a feeling of well-being and connection to the True Self.  It creates powerful inner change and healing.

Pellowah is similar to other healing methods – in that it allows energy to be channelled directly from Source to balance and heal.

Pellowah is a ‘higher’ (lighter and much finer) energy vibration than Reiki, which is more ‘earthy’ in its nature.

Pellowah works on the mind and spirit/consciousness (rather than connecting directly with the physical body), so conditions that have a mind/body connection will often respond very well.   Pellowah works well on deep emotional issues and people with busy minds. 

During the session

Pellowah does not involve touch, so you can simply lie down on a massage table, relax and receive the energy. There are no distractions such as music, incense or oils in the room during Pellowah.  It is advisable to wear loose, comfortable clothing so you can relax fully. 

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Are you need of advice and guidance? Do you feel confused? Unsure of what direction to take? Fed up with everything that is going on? Want to discover more of spirituality but unsure where to start? What to connect to a deeper part of yourself but unsure how to?

Spiritual Mapping covers a wide remit with regards to energy, life purpose and spirituality. 

The focus is on you, guiding you to connect deeper within yourself to find the answer.

Manjit is a firm believer that we all have the answers we need, we just need to remember how to connect to ourselves again. We constantly seek confirmation outside of ourselves, when everything we need is within us. It is confronting, scary and hard, but with time, patience and will power, learning to truly love and accept yourself, can be done.

Various methods and practices are used and will vary from person to person and appointment to appointment, as you grow so will your practices and rituals.

An idea of what practices and methods can be used to guide you are:

Practices to aid clarity and direction

Learning intuitive and sacred bodywork practices

Learning techniques to hold sacred space for yourself - create open, clear, align and close space within, then ground and connect with yourself.

If you are longing for more and ready for the next level, please tune in with how Manjit can support you.

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