What is Energy Transformations?

We are bombarded with information about how to look after our physical wellbeing (or how we should be presented) but we are not taught to look after our emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. These four bodies (physical, emotional, mental & spiritual) are in constant engagement in every moment, energy moving freely from one to other. If you feel low you will feel it in your body, in your thoughts and in your energy.

Energy medicine is all about addressing the person as whole, our purpose is to help you to let go of what you no longer need (outdated belief systems, emotions etc..) and guide you to your 'truth'. 

Your energy is your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies combined, we teach you to trust your intuition, your body, your emotions and your thoughts, helping you to create a whole energy body that functions at its optimum level, providing you with true guidance and if you choose, we guide you to fulfil your true purpose. 

When we embrace how we truly feel about ourselves and others we allow that emotion and thought to soften and release. When we ignore or suppress it we create a volcano waiting to erupt. 

We teach you to let go of your fears: the need for approval, the fear of judgment, jealousy, anger, hatred towards the world, depression, sadness, guilt, grief, annoyance, impatience, not trusting and much more...

This can be done through various methods:

ENERGY HEALING - where we use energy to help you to release outdated emotions, stagnant energy and thoughts. This helps you to have a clearer picture of who you truly are and make decisions based on your own truth. This opens the doors to your inner world, strength, power, gifts and much more...

Benefits: You will gain a energetically cleaner physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body, which will give you greater access to your inner self, intuition, wisdom and power. 


SPIRITUAL MAPPING - covers a wide remit with regards to energy, life purpose and spirituality. The focus is on you, guiding you to connect deeper within yourself to find the answer.

Benefits: Clarity about what you wish to do, guidance on your soul purpose and private one-to-one training.


Manjit is a renowned healer, teacher and creator, is the alchemist of the future , teaching others ways of fully accepting themselves and realising their full potential. For further information Manjit click here