Manjit is a strong willed, passionate and wild woman on a mission to bring people back to their hearts (the seat of the soul), guiding them to realise their true potential and divine gifts, helping them walk their own true path in this beautiful world.

She teaches her workshops with a fiery passion, encouraging participants to connect and trust in their intuition and their own way. Holding a safe sacred space for participants to explore and connect to all things magical. Manjit works intuitively and therefore there is always a little extra magic added to her workshops. 

Manjit uses crystals, plants and energy medicine in many facets of her life, she uses her knowledge from her heritage as she combines crystals and chakras beautifully, entwining them to create balance and bring forth the energy required to move forward.


Goddess Isis Alchemy Level I - Practitioner Level

Reiki Healing Master Level – Practitioner + Teacher Level

Pellowah Healing Levels I & II – Practitioner Level

Crystal Awakening Intensive Levels I & II – Practitioner Level

Certified Crystal Reader - Practitioner Level

Bachelor of Honours in Law & Management