Manjit is a multi-faceted energy therapist, a master of her own energy. She is passionate about all things energy, from crystals, plants to soul purpose and source. She believes that we all have an infinite connection to source, wisdom, power and abundance within us. As a young forty year old, Manjit believes it is never too late to remember your connection to source and reawaken your magic.

Manjit continued her spiritual journey in Australia when she moved here over seven years ago. Born in the UK of Indian heritage and now living in this magical land she calls home. Manjit beautifully entwines the best of what she has learnt into her creations, workshops and energy transformations.



Soul Mapping - Akashic Records - Practitioner

Sekhem Seichim Healing Master - Practitioner

Pellowah Healing Master - Practitioner + Teacher

Goddess Isis/Sirius Alchemy Level I, II & III - Practitioner

Yoga Teacher Training - Teacher

Crystal Awakening Intensive Levels I & II - Practitioner

Certified Crystal Reader - Practitioner

Bachelor of Honours in Law & Management