Duration: 1hr 30mins of 'you time' to relax, enjoy and let go...

Reiki is a beautiful way to connect to earth energy, release tension, negativity and shift old patterns.

Manjit gently combines Reiki, Aura Soma colour balancing techniques and crystals to create a powerful and unique healing experience. Working intuitively every session is individual and tailored to your needs.

A typical Reiki healing session consists of the following:

  • A consultation to gain an understanding of why you have come for a session – (past and present concerns, future aspirations)
  • A Reiki energy balancing session
  • Feedback  following the session
  • Discussion to support and assist you with understanding and managing energy shifts.

Reiki sessions are conducted whilst laying comfortably on a massage table.

During the session

You may sense and experience the flow of energies with feelings of warmth, coolness, tingling and relaxation.  It is normal for people to fall asleep or simply drift off whilst experiencing Reiki.  This allows for healing and balancing at a deeper level of consciousness. It is advisable to wear loose, comfortable clothing so you can relax fully.