Energy Therapy


Energy Therapy

HEAL | AWAKEN | REMEMBER Your time to relax and let go... DURATION: 2 hours BOOKING: Please select a time and date from the drop box above. CANCELLING AN APPOINTMENT 48 hours notice: 100% refund Less than 48 hours, on or...Read more


Your time to relax and let go...

DURATION: 2 hours

BOOKING: Please select a time and date from the drop box above.

48 hours notice: 100% refund
Less than 48 hours, on or after the date: Sorry, no refund
All refunds are made back onto the card used at purchase

LOCATION: distance (over the phone or face time) or at our HQ in Surrey Hills (location given upon booking) Both distant and face to face healing are equal in their power and transformation. Please be aware we have friendly 4 legged creatures that roam our HQ. Please let us know if you have an allergies to cats or dogs. 


In these one-on-one sessions Manjit will work with you to release what no longer serves you, awaken your divine light and realign you to your soul purpose.

Using a personalised combination of Karmic Clearing, Cord Cutting, Crystal Alchemy, Pellowah & Reiki Healing, Regression Therapy, Breathwork and Inner Child therapy, Manjit will work with you to uncover what best works for you to release, clear and move forward. 

Your session will flow in the following way:

  • 30 minute consultation to discuss your needs, circumstances and your focus.

  • 60 minutes of energy healing that the client and higher self require, which also includes grounding and evaluation of the healing.

  • 30 minutes grounding and evaluation.


  • Clearing of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

  • Information (rituals, affirmations, yoga postures, breath work, meditations and anything that is needed) that is required to help you to integrate the new energy.

  • Self care information after your session.

  • Follow up message to see how you are doing.


Energy therapy involves touch with clothes on, on areas such as the head, neck, stomach, legs and feet. You will lay on a massage table with blankets. You may sense and experience the flow of energies with feelings of warmth, coolness, tingling and relaxation.  It is normal for you to fall asleep or simply drift in and out of sleep, allowing energy frequencies to flow and balancing at a deeper level of consciousness. It is advisable to wear loose, comfortable clothing so that you can fully relax. 


Manjit is able to connect tot he following frequencies:
Pellowah | Reiki Master | Siechim Sekhem Reiki | Crystal | Galactic | Sirius | Pleiadian | Acturian | Shamanic | Egyptian | High Priestess | Incan | Pagan | Light Language |


Manjit is qualified to practice the following types of healings:
Clearing | Release & Renew | Karmic Release | Cord Cutting | Crystal Alchemy | Sirius Alchemy | Regression Therapy | Inner Child | Light Frequency Activations | Abundance Healing | Gold & Silver Violet Flame | Soul Retrieval | Breathwork | Yoga


Manjit is a multi-faceted energy therapist and Spiritual Empowerment Coach with the ability to access a wide range of energies, allowing her to connect to all that is required in each moment. Her strength, knowledge and wisdom come from years of experience and training. 

The belief that “I AM ALL” has driven Manjit’s passion to teach and remind others that we have an infinite amount of wisdom, power and energy available to us on a daily basis, should we CHOOSE to remember and reconnect. 

Manjit beautifully entwines her knowledge and experience of energy to create balance and bring forth the change required for her participants to move forward. She teaches from a space of compassion, integrity and generosity; encouraging you to enjoy your experience, trusting in yourself, your intuition, your wisdom and your abilities. Manjit's knowledge of crystals, energy and the sacred feminine comes from years of studying with renowned teachers, and many years of connecting to self under the guidance of mentors. Through this she has been able to awaken and reconnect to her own innate knowledge, wisdom, power and divine essence, sharing openly with others.

All Manjit's workshops operate within a safe and sacred space where she encourages participants to explore and reconnect to energy freely. Manjit is always available for guidance during a workshop and where appropriate offers healing sessions. Manjit works intuitively and there is always a little extra magic added into her workshops.

Soul Mapping Master
Certified Sekhem Seichim Master
Certified Reiki Master 
Certified Sirius Alchemy Master
Certified Pellowah Master
Certified Crystal Awakening Intensive Practitioner 
Certified Crystal Reader Qualified Yoga Teacher
Bachelor of Honours in Law & Management


For further information, please do not hesitate to contact Manjit at Tranquility Crystals via messenger, email, phone or on our contact form.
0411 496 990
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