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Energy Techniques

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Location: Qi Crystals,  743 Glen Huntly Rd, Caulfield VIC 3162 Throughout your life you spend a lot of time searching for answers outside of yourself, not realising that if you chose to search within you would find all...Read more
Location: Qi Crystals,  743 Glen Huntly Rd, Caulfield VIC 3162

Throughout your life you spend a lot of time searching for answers outside of yourself, not realising that if you chose to search within you would find all your answers.

We’re not taught to trust in our intuition or gut feeling or follow the truth of our heart. We're taught to try and fit into these small boxes that society has labelled for us and when we question or outgrow our box we're called rebels, troublemakers or black sheep.

What if you decided to throw away all the labels and just live by our own truth, connecting to the divine essence within you and living life from heart space, filled with love and peace?

This workshop is the beginning of you. It guides you to connect to your own unique energy signature, what it feels like, how to understand what is your 'stuff' and what is that projected onto you? What is a projection? What is the truth behind your emotions? Can you really protect yourself? What is the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies and how to they affect you? What are the auric layers and how do chakras layer into them? What do the reoccurring situations in your life mean? and much more.

This is for anyone who wants to understand the truth about their energetic bodies, how emotions, trauma and belief systems affect the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies and how this impacts your daily life and your spiritual evolution.

Expand your knowledge and consciousness and learn ways of connecting to deeper aspects of yourself and release what no longer serves you.

  1. What is spiritual energy?

  2. What are the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies?

  3. What are auric layers, chakras and dimensions?

  4. How to feel/sense your own energy.

  5. How your emotions and trauma affects your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

  6. The difference between your own emotions and the projection of other people’s emotions.

  7. The importance of the physical body connection and your energetic bodies.

  8. Techniques to help you to release projected energy.

  9. Techniques to help you ground excess energy.

  10. Techniques to help you connect to stagnant emotional energy within the body and learn how to release it.

  11. Techniques to use on daily basis to create a deeper connection to self.

  12. Silver Violet Flame attunment.

This is a practical hands-on workshop where you will learn and practice several techniques that you can use in your daily life. There will be options to purchase tools that will help with the process and Manjit will available after the workshop for guidance.

Manjit is a strong willed, passionate wild woman on a mission to bring people back to their hearts (the seat of their soul), she does this through creating energetically activated products, high vibrational workshops and sacred retreats.
She provides tools and techniques that enable participants to continue their learning outside of the workshop. Manjit openly shares her knowledge and wisdom and encourages participants to connect to their inner knowing, intuition and wisdom.

Her knowledge and wisdom of crystals, energy and the sacred feminine comes from learning from renowned teachers but also through many years of working on herself with the assistance of mentors, through this process she has been able to awaken her own innate knowledge and wisdom. Manjit uses crystals, plants and energy medicine in many facets of her life, she combines crystals and chakras beautifully, entwining the energy to create balance and bring forth the energy required to move forward.

All Manjit's workshops operate within a safe and sacred space, allowing participants to explore and connect to energy freely, if participants are triggered, Manjit is available for guidance and where appropriate offers healing sessions. Manjit works intuitively and therefore there is always a little extra magic added to her workshops.

Reiki Healing Master Level – Practitioner + Teacher Level
Goddess Isis Alchemy - Level I - Practitioner Level
Pellowah Healing Levels I & II – Practitioner Level
Crystal Awakening Intensive Levels I & II – Practitioner Level
Certified Crystal Reader - Practitioner Level
Yoga Teacher Training - Prahran AYA
Bachelor of Honours in Law & Management

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