Reiki & Crystal Alchemy - All I can say is that it was incredible. What I have walked away with is so much more than anticipated. Manjit, you have such a beautiful gift. Your knowledge, passion, connection to the spiritual realms, generosity and your humble nature is heart warming. I am so glad that our paths have crossed. I have walked away with a connection to self I never thought was possible. Am so excited to see where this journey leads me. Thank you for sharing your whole being to us. Much love Dee x
LOVE & CLEAR Mist - Manjit, I love these sprays!!! Amazing x and now my kids love them too and ask to be cleared!! I often give them a love spray before heading off to school xx
The Reiki & Crystal Alchemy Course - what a great journey where I learned more about crystals, healing myself and others. Thank you for freeing our minds from rules and beliefs and encouraging us to follow our intuition and be true to ourselves. xx
Maena C
"So helpful, professional and patient. Went above and beyond. Highly recommend to others. Thank you so much for your time and advice."
Ash B
Energy Techniques - Attachments and Attacks. This was a great workshop, very informative and I have found the information useful. I have applied what was taught in this workshop into my daily routine and I feel like I have more energy, less physical pain and more clarity. Manjit's energy is awesome and I feel she truly walks her talk, living what she teaches. The venue also had a great feel.
Donna R


Designed to awaken and activate light frequencies within you. Created to further your understanding of energy in all its forms. Join us in sacred space where you expand your awareness, elevate your consciousness and awaken your own innate wisdom and knowledge.



Handcrafted & Activated Mists, Oils and Bath Salts

Handcrafted with LOVE in Melbourne, using high quality essential oils, lotus flower oils, salts and floral water. Created to raise your vibration and awaken your Divine Essence.

These powerful potions are activated with high frequency light codes, sound, crystalline frequency and then infused with the energies of the Goddesses, Elementals, Galactic and Angelic beings.

Small batches are created to preserve integrity and quality.

100% toxic free, vegan friendly and cruelty free.



Release what no longer serves you and connect to your true divine essence.

Awaken to your truth, your way and your energy.


Soul Mapping

Energy Therapy

Sacred Mentoring



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