A place where ancient alchemy, crystal activation, plant and energy medicine are combined to create high vibrational products and services that aid you on your life journey. 


Tranquility Crystals creates unique vibrational products that are activated using ancient alchemic processes, reiki and sacred crystal geometric gridding in alignment with Solar, Lunar, Celestial and Earthly energies. 

Botanical Apothecary

A blending of plant and activated crystals with certified organic pure therapeutic grade botanical + essential oils infused with vibrational frequencies, handcrafted in small batches to preserve integrity and quality. 100% toxin free, vegan friendly and cruelty free.

Crystal Jewellery

Intuitively created crystal jewellery with the highest integrity, conscious thought and skillfull presence, energetically coded to create a alchemic response. 


Designed and created to expand your awareness; creating a deeper relationship to the space within you, delve deeper into your self mastery and awaken your own innate wisdom and knowledge. 


Reiki, Pellowah and Spiritual Mapping sessions to assist you in releasing what no longer serves you and connecting you to your own true essence, so that you can create the life you choose to live. 


"What a mind blowing experience with Manjit at Tranquility Crystals, we were all showered with divine love, wisdom, truth and high quaility crystals. Love you Manjit xx"

Linus Leigh

"I bought a beautiful long fancy Jasper necklace from you at Seven Sisters Festival. Its beautiful, your genuine support and patience in choosing a piece right for me left plenty of room for me to have chosen to respectfully walk away, there was no pressure. Your passion and purpose certainly shine through and I feel blessed to call a little piece of someone else's true purpose on this Earth, mine forever. Very grateful x"

Nicole Mitchell

"So helpful, profesisonal and patient. Went above and beyond. Highly recommend to others. Thank you so much for your time and advice."

Ash Ben